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MLE Deployable on Reynen Court, for Large Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

Exciting news! My Legal Einstein is now natively deployable on Reynen Court (RC) - the "app store for enterprise legal tech", trusted by the largest law firms and corporate legal departments in the world. MLE provides the AI-powered Contract Acceleration Platform - for the review, collaboration, and redlining of "unstructured" third party contracts.

It's game changer for LegalTech. RC subscribers can now deploy MLE at the touch of a button, deploying the entire MLE application infrastructure and support thousands of MLE users instantly. With one touch deployment, MLE can be deployed in less than an hour and is installed in a secure data center or virtual private cloud environment.

Vault secure, easy to deploy and maintain, supporting sophisticated AI applications like MLE. Reynen Court + MLE.

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