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My Legal Einstein updates corporate messaging - "Accelerate Contracts"

MLE updates our corporate messaging … to simplify what we do and how we do it.

MLE provides the leading AI-powered Contract Execution Platform for the review, collaboration, negotiation, and execution of Legal Contracts.

Why? To dramatically reduce contract cycle time by more than 80% … Accelerate Contracts!

We think it’s also important to say what we don’t do …

Are you a CLM system? No - CLM systems originate contracts and store contracts. We accelerate the process from draft to executed contract. We integrate with CLM systems by moving executed contracts into the CLM document repository.

Are you an eDiscovery system? No - eDiscovery vendors focus on the post-execution, litigation support space. We focus on the pre-execution contract phase.

Do you automate contracts with AI? No - we do not provide robots. We use AI to enable the attorney with super powers.

Who are your competitors? Oddly, we’re all alone here. Closest competitor is Microsoft Word ;)

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