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AI-powered Contract Acceleration Platform

Review, redline, collaborate, and negotiate “unstructured” legal contracts

80% faster contract execution, improved compliance

supports contracts and playbooks in many languages

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean


What is Docgility

Docgility, Inc. is a software technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA that delivers the leading AI-powered Contract Acceleration Platform for the review, collaboration, negotiation, and execution of legal contracts.  The Contract Acceleration Platform is available by subscription and enterprise license and does not require implementation services.

With Docgility, users can dramatically reduce contract cycle time by 80%.

Docgility is used by corporate attorneys, business owners, outside counsel, finance teams, and other groups responsible for legal contract execution.

Docgility is optimized for end-user productivity, with a user interface optimized for the comparison of legal text. 

Built Exclusively For You

Accelerate Contracts

Dramatically reduce contract cycle time by more than 80% so you can focus more on high value work

Multi Language

Supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,
Chinese, Korean and Japanese

Flexible Plans

Available as User Subscription or Enterprise License. No implementation costs, cancel at any time

What is Docgility

Review unstructured legal contracts

Analyze contract terms

Compare documents by legal topic

Conduct redline edits

Collaborate with stakeholders

Negotiate with counter parties

Approve deals

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Secure Cloud

Always ensure contracts are secure

30-Day Trial

No payment required.

No commitment


No hidden charges.

Cancel at anytime

No Configuration

Up and running in 5 mins. Easy to get started.

What our users say

Part of our standard process

For our 3-person in-house counsel team, we used Docgility to import our clause libraries and standard contract forms.  Docgility is now used as part of our standard process for contract review.


Michael H.

In-house Attorney

Docgility makes us so much more efficient

We love Docgility's ability to automatically send us all the financial terms of any new contracts.  It makes us so much more efficient.  We don't ever need to bother the legal team unless we have to.

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Benjamin T.


We can compare new contracts easily

A client suggested using Docgility to review a contract.  After trying it, we uploaded our firm's contracts as a knowledge base so that we can compare new contracts easily.  Great UX!

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Stephanie J.

Outside Counsel

Improved contract compliance

Before using Docgility, it was difficult to ensure that new contracts are negotiated in compliance with our corporate standards. After implementing Docgility, we were able to standardize on playbooks worldwide and have it used across multiple geographies.


Mark J.

In-house Compliance Officer

Benefits of Docgility

Benefits for In-House Counsel

Docgility provides outside counsel with AI capabilities to build knowledge base

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Build knowledge base of best practices

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Import existing contracts language

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Enhance value and efficiency of contract services

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Deep-dive on legal topics (improve compliance)

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Identify missing legal language (lower risks)

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Collaboration features allows efficient interactions with stakeholders, including finance teams, business stakeholders, in-house counsel.


Choose the best plan for you

Available as User Subscription or Enterprise License. No implementation costs, cancel at any time

Free Trial

Registerered Users receive a free 30-day license and the ability to process up to 5 contracts.  Trial Users can also collaborate and negotiate on contracts.



Basic Subscribers can process up to 25 documents per month and save contracts for collaboration and negotiation

$99 / month


Premium Subscribers can process up to 100 documents per month and access advanced group features, including alerts, groups, and document types.

$299 / month


For Corporate applications, we support cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud and on-premise (behind-the-firewall) deployments.

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Are you ready to up your game?

Register today for a free 30 day software trial. 

No payment information required.

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