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AI-Powered Contract Execution Platform
For Review, Collaboration, Negotiation, and Execution of Legal Contracts

Accelerate Contracts
Dramatically reduce contract cycle time by more than 80%

Supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,
Chinese, Korean and Japanese

Available as User Subscription or Enterprise License
No implementation costs, cancel at any time

About Us

My Legal Einstein, Inc. (MLE) is a software technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA that delivers the leading AI-powered Contract Execution Platform for the review, collaboration, negotiation, and execution of legal contracts.  The Contract Execution Platform is available by subscription and enterprise license and does not require implementation services.

With MLE, users can dramatically reduce contract cycle time by 80%.  MLE is used by corporate attorneys, business owners, outside counsel, finance teams, and other groups responsible for legal contract execution. MLE is optimized for end-user productivity, with a user interface optimized for the comparison of legal text. 



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Contract Review

A Fast, Easy, and More Intuitive Way To:

  • Review 3rd Party Paper

  • Analyze contract terms

  • Compare documents by legal topic

  • Conduct redline edits

  • Collaborate with stakeholders

  • Negotiate with counter parties

  • Approve deals

Secure Cloud Application

(No implementation Costs)


30-Day Trial

(No payment required)



(Cancel at anytime)

No Configuration Required

(Up and running in 5 mins)

What Users Say

For our 3-person in-house counsel team, we used MLE to import our clause libraries and standard contract forms.  MLE is now used as part of our standard process for contract review.

Michael H.

In-house Attorney

Analysts Are Talking About Us

"One feature that caught Artificial Lawyer’s eye was a side-by-side capability that allows a lawyer to compare a third-party contract with both a company’s playbook or template, and also examples of a previous contract of the same type it may have in its DMS." - Richard Tromans, Artificial Lawyer.


Benefits for In-House Counsel

MLE frees up in-house counsel to pursue higher value activities

  • Seamlessly navigate complex long contracts

  • Deep-dive on legal terms and topics

  • Reduce contract risk, increase compliance
  • Compare contracts side-by-side by topics

  • Support for clause libraries & corporate playbooks

  • Efficient Redlining - Simple and Easy.

  • Collaboration with other stakeholders - finance teams, business stakeholders, outside counsel.

  • Faster contract execution - without sending redline documents back and forth.  


Benefits for Business Stakeholders

MLE makes legal review efficient and high-value, minimizing risk.

  • Much faster contract execution times (>50% faster)

  • Efficient Legal Collaboration (with collaboration roles)

  • Improve legal compliance (with playbooks)

  • Reduce contract risk (with clause libraries, checklists)

  • Enhance collaboration with internal stakeholders (including legal, finance, operations, outside counsel)

  • Concurrent Negotiation (no sending back and forth)

Meeting with a Lawyer

Benefits for Outside Counsel

MLE provides outside counsel with AI capabilities to build knowledge base

  • Build knowledge base of best practices

  • Import existing contracts language

  • Enhance value and efficiency of contract services

  • Deep-dive on legal topics (improve compliance)

  • Identify missing legal language (lower risks)

  • Collaboration features allows efficient interactions with stakeholders, including finance teams, business stakeholders, in-house counsel. 



Free Trial

Registerered Users receive a free 30-day license and the ability to process up to 5 contracts.  Trial Users can also collaborate and negotiate on contracts.


Basic Subscription

Basic Subscribers can process up to 25 documents per month and save contracts for collaboration and negotiation


Premium Subscription

Premium Subscribers can process up to 100 documents per month and access advanced group features, including alerts, groups, and document types.


Corporate Subscription

For Corporate applications, we support  a separate hosted cloud deployment, with advanced workflow capabilities and authentication services.


We support online payment via Stripe for Basic and Premium Subscriptions.  Contact for other payment options.  Contact if you are considering corporate subscription.




Jim Chiang

CEO & Founder

Jim most recently led the AI engineering team at Apttus/Conga and Icertis, the two market leaders in the CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) enterprise space. Jim has served multiple executive roles leading engineering and product teams. Jim has over 20 years of experience in big data management and AI algorithm development. Jim holds a Bachelors in Engineering from MIT.


Gabriel Buigas


Gabriel spent 20 years at HP, leading the legal contract organization for the Printing & Personal Systems Group. As Deputy General Counsel, Gabriel led efforts to streamline the corporate contracting process. Most recently, Gabriel was EVP, Digital Contracting for UnitedLex, leading an organization of 500+ attorneys providing AI legal contracting services. Gabriel holds a JD from Harvard Law School.


Sasha Morozoff


Sasha was most recently an SVP with Axiom Global where he helped build, launch and run new products and businesses related to contracts intelligence (now Knowable), legal services (now Factor) and talent platforms (now Axiom). Sasha is an advisor to entrepreneurs in areas related to legal services, new talent models, and general business strategy.

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